Monday, May 15, 2006


web2001, originally uploaded by juliostyle29.

An other photos for validate the previous post (and also because I find it funny!!!!! ;) )


revolucion, originally uploaded by juliostyle29.

This the first test of my webog !!!!
I tried to integrate a photo of my Flickr account on my personal blog. It was a success!!!
The second step will be the video integration!

Thank you françois for your good post in which you explain how doing this !

Maybe you can help me ?

I have already explain my situation in may first post but I would like to talk specially about my future job research. In fact I would like working in England, in Australian or in USA the next year (or maybe in an other country) because that could be very interesting for me to develop my skills with some people who haven't the same language, the same culture and other things. My aim is to work few years in a foreign country and maybe come back in france later. I am a junior engineer and I think it is the good time to go abroad and I am very motivated.
However, I haven' still beginning to search a job because I will finish my studies in september. But I will start my research in few days and I haven't enough informations to know where I must search and who I could contact!!!!! Obviously, I will search on the Web and all different "Job Site" but I think that informations on these site were not enough. If you have already being this research before or if you want to contact me for more informations I will be happy to answer you!!!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

First presentation

I am a french student in an engineer school at Lannion in Brittanny. I am in the last year of my studies and I am actually working at france telecom Lannion ( for six month ) and I hope to have my diploma in september.
The subject of my work at france telecom is Social Networking and more generally Web 2.0.
I am interesting in particulary of the eLearning network "Elgg" developped by a little team of engineer because it is a project OpenSource and My aim is to develop a plug'in for this application.
I have just begun my work so I can't give more details but I hope can explain later the goal of this project and it evolution.

I also created this blog because in next september I will be a junior engineer and i would like apply for a job which stay in the domain of social networking and web services. I am convinced that these will be a big part of the "new internet".